Tom Stayte, b.1988

Living and working in Sheffield, England, Tom Stayte’s creative practice provides commentary on the role of the individual in post digital culture, presenting a view of a world in transition. Through appropriated photography, installations and books, he gives physical form to our unavoidable interactions with digital entities. Now seemingly omnipresent in our lives, Tom provides perspective on how these enormous structures affect our sense of identity. His work reflects on our inability to comprehend scale, our willingness to trust what we don’t understand and how our desire to be unique ultimately only reveals our similarities.




Festival Circulations 2016

#selfie Presented at Festival Circulations, Paris, France.

Le Centquatre, 5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris, France

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#selfie was accepted in the open call for entries on the theme of Evidence. It will be presented with other photographic work at a location TBC from March 13th – April 12th 2015.

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Solo Exhibiton at Bank Street Gallery, Sheffield

#selfie presented in a solo exhibition.

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SIA Degree Show Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield

12 – 17 June 2014

#selfie presented in a group exhibition of final year Undergraduate photography degree projects.

Discover Cantor Gallery, Sheffield

Face Book presented in a group show with books from the SHU Photobook Project 2013. Face Book was awarded 1st Prize in the SHU Photobook Award 2013, and received a special mention in the SITE Gallery Prize.

VA 2013 The Workstation, Sheffield

Photographic work presented in a group show with graduating students from Norton College, Sheffield.




SHU Photobook Award – Winner

SITE Gallery Prize – Special Mention



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